Electric Guitar

115 02:37

This track is in the suspense, dark-crime-scenes genre. It has a constant guitar playing a simple figure. Around that, a suspenseful dark and ambient soundscape build up. At the end there is a constant pulse/beat, that ends with a Gong hit.

93 02:16

This is a happy laid back instrumental track. The genre is between Funk and Country. It has a happy and distinct melody in the verse part played by the ukulele. And a more pop-inspired melody in the chorus played by piano and marimba in octaves.

115 03:06

This track is a forward-moving track with a positive/happy atmosphere. It goes from quiet and groovy to a full band playing. It has a very strong melody line played by the piano, but it also contains parts without the melody. It is easy to edit and loop parts of it.

120 01:51

Sexy, funky tune for the summer featuring hot guitars, vocal chops and solid rhythms. Ideal for parties, lifestyle, travel and fashion projects.

85 02:04

An intimate contemporary royalty-free music with melancholic vibes arranged on a string quartet and led by piano and electric guitar.
The unique blend makes it suitable for intense cinematic projects related to life, death, nature and raw scenery.

85 02:33

This is an energetic, powerful epic rock track using fast overdriven strings, electric guitars with bass and punchy drums.

82 02:21

This track is a powerful rock song with electric guitar riffs, acoustic guitar, claps and smashing drums, best for action trailers, games, sports or commercial clips.

154 01:53

Rock the party is an energetic fun rock background music track with massive drums and uplifting guitar riffs and accordion.

84 02:17

This is modern blues rock track, positive and uplifting evoke powerful and free feel using electric guitar, rock drums, hand percussions and synth.

90 02:33

This track is a powerful rock song with electric guitar riffs, claps and powerful drums. Ideal for action trailers, funny games, sports or commercial clips.

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