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113 03:02

Dramatic epic orchestral cinematic trailer music with strings, brass, synthesizer, sound effects, percussion and big booms. Energetic, melodic, beautiful and powerful orchestra track.

112 01:27

A positive, inspiring corporate track with a tropical vibe evoking a feeling of optimism and progress. Ideal uses could include corporate training videos for a tropical resort or music for high-end luxury hotels and island getaways.

134 01:42

A dark and ominous instrumental piece featuring piano, synths, swells, drums, percussion, harp and sound effects. Ideal uses could include music for a Halloween scene, tense and spooky scenes or an intense encounter between enemies.

124 02:10

A jazzy trio of piano, bass and drums set an elegant mood of classy sophistication. Ideal as music for a sophisticated party, Sunday brunch, cocktail hour or scenes of wealthy people gathering.

97 01:50

A quirky, mischievous hip hop instrumental featuring synth, drums machine, strings, glockenspiel and percussion. Ideal uses could include scenes of pranks or sneaking through the hood and suspicious or general comedic scenes.

127 01:34

Step into the new age with this modern synth corporate track featuring synths, synth drums, digital swells and soft pads. Great used as music for a technology commercial, college or university promotional video, scenes in a hi-tech laboratory or as music for a training video.

160 01:40

A fast, intense instrumental piece featuring drums, synth lead, guitar and synth bass. Ideal uses could include action scenes, intense video game levels or high-speed chase scenes.

122 01:36

A powerful orchestral track with a driving, adventurous spirit. Ideal uses could include films involving pirates and treasure hunts, music for scenes at sea, battle scenes or adventure movies.

147 02:19

An intense/dark orchestral piece that evokes a feeling of danger and urgency. Great music for a battle scene, an intense chase or scenes of someone frantically trying to complete a dangerous task.

100 01:23

A latin jazz ensemble featuring piano, bass, drums and a wide array of percussion. Great used as music for a fiesta, club or party scene and commercials featuring ethnic foods and exotic locations.

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