Drum Machine

97 01:44

A very motivational royalty free epic hybrid music piece with orchestral strings, risers, big Braaams and modern drums, ideal for cinematic trailers, sports reels, ads or action games.

132 01:03

Star Signs is an urgent electronic instrumental featuring bells, strings, windchimes, and drums. Eliciting moody and dramatic vibes, this track has an adventurous feel that could help with a wide array of projects.

130 01:05

A Shade of Love is an upbeat, electronic pop instrumental featuring bells, slide guitar, and drums. The catchy, positive melody is enhanced by slide guitar, which brings a hint of reflective contemplation to the overall sound. An versitile and memorable track that is suitable for a wide array of projects.

128 01:31

Energetic cyberpunk royalty free music with cinematic influences and uplifting melodies.
The mood is aggressive and inspiring, ideal for futuristic, technology, hacking and digital projects.

130 07:02

Great for cinematic, action or sci-fi productions with rolling, fast-paced beats and ambient background pads.

160 01:28

Tropical electronic royalty free music with chill vibes and an overall positive mood, best for lifestyle, travel, and summer related contents.

90 02:34

Inspiring ambient royalty free music featuring calm pads, modern synthesizers and emotional melodies delivering a dreamy and ethereal mood.
Ideal for life, science and technology related projects with a more intimate approach.

150 02:01

Uplifting corporate royalty-free music featuring energetic rhythm, elegant orchestral sections and a unique blend of tuned percussions and plucked guitars.
The inspiring and catchy mood is useful for business, technology and lifestyle content.

128 01:52

Inspiring synthwave royalty-free music with upbeat synthesizers and steady drum machines mixed with an overall epic mood.
Ideal for extreme content related to lifestyle, tech, sports and gaming.

160 01:39

Inspiring and energetic Synthwave royalty free music featuring catchy melodies and upbeat synthesizers.
The mood is happy and positive, ideal for tech, gaming, business and trendy lifestyle related contents.

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