Drum Machine

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70 02:57

Relativity provokes emotions and images of destiny beyond the horizon or a dawn of a new era.

118 03:30

The Spacebar on a Saturday night is where aliens, androids, robots and electronerds come to dance and socialize. Upbeat pulsing space drums under pumping synth bass and topped up with atmospheric melody lines to carry you through the universe.

145 03:38

A guitar based trap beat that is perfect as a backing track for action sports, video games, or YouTube videos.

92 00:57

A track that builds from a filtered piano to a confident hip hop beat continues to build with marked stabs from symphonic instruments and then a soaring lead. A musical symbol of the positive future of social changes.

60 02:53

Mysterious and inquisitive piano notes on top of a layer of searching synth arpeggios and mechanical rhythms gives a feeling of journalists in search of truth, detectives and lab coats trying to uncover answers.

100 01:33

This track describes heroes, heroines and foes with sounds that feel aggressive, clandestine, dangerous and unique all at once.

120 01:34

A sugary sweet melodically drenched track with notes that tug at your memories and heartstrings.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

69 07:18

A beautiful ambient chill track for relaxing on the beach in Ibiza, lounging in Monaco or spending a week on the Amalfi Coast.

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