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75 01:28

Happy haunting to all you tortured souls waltzing through cemeteries. Horror movies, murder/mysteries and who dunnits all need the perfect spooktacular vibe to help set the chiller thriller mood.

105 01:52

This track featuring strings, choirs, piano, synth pads, synth leads, synth plucks, synth bass and epic drums can be used for tension and suspense. Hybrid style (orchestral with electronic elements)

120 03:03

Epic orchestral pop hybrid track composed with piano, strings, female chorus and drums. This music evokes a rising moment in search of freedom, love, or resolution. This is a song for hope.

70 08:31

A soothing, beautiful and ethereal New Age ambient soundscape. The featured instruments are pads, cello, strings and choirs.

120 02:23

A fast moving, powerful track with thundering percussion, a strong brass section, choir and climbing string ensembles. Pure orchestral power is seamlessly fused with modern sound design to bring you a heroic, hybrid experience.

102 03:13

A majestical uplifting track which embodies the power of life and nature. Enjoy this beautiful composition with mesmerising strings, powerful percussion and choir.

80 02:56

Experience huge brass, ferocious percussion, chanting choirs, distorted guitars and climbing strings. An intense, apocalyptic and massive trailer track.

120 02:52

A powerful, cinematic orchestral theme with slow buildup, featuring piano, strings and epic horns with choir and big drums at its peak, creating a sense of honor and saga! Best for action trailers, games, landscape or war contents.

128 01:24

A hybrid, cinematic royalty free orchestral piece with dark risers and stabs, spacey fx, percussion, strings, hits, and epic choirs.Best for game intros, trailers or action contents.

90 02:13

Apocalyptic track, what remains after war, a natural disaster. The state of the planet. A city with a virus. Sad, bitter.

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