80 01:48

Peaceful Christmas song with beautiful melodies and an introspective mood that let your imagination flow to an idyllic Christmas season. This song will evoke feelings of happiness, joy, love and heartwarming. This track performs well for Christmas tv commercials and video ads.

90 02:17

Full Moon Lullaby is a soft lullaby theme, with some dark elements creating a mysterious and haunting atmosphere. Featuring music box, piano, celeste and pads.

120 01:56

A soft, 3-part music box tune, calm and emotional, but at the same time giving a sense of motion – like a spinning Ballerina.

91 02:10

A dark/mysterious orchestral track with evil undertones. Ideal uses could include scenes involving black magic, music for a video game/app or fantasy movie and intro music for a mysterious podcast or show.

116 02:30

A beautiful flowing piece of music. This is meant to envoke memories of years gone by waking up on christmas morning to the excitement of people, food and merriment. Purposefully orchestral to make the audience feel emotional.

148 02:01

An adventurous, progressive instrumental piece with an energetic vibe. Ideal uses could include: music for the title screen of a video game, music for a video game podcast, music for a video game-based website, music for an animated motion picture etc.

80 03:06

Ambient, inspiring, minimal piano background. Atmospheric piano melody with pulsing kick drum, warm synth rhythms and gentle celeste.

105 02:14

A well-crafted masterpiece that is a mixture of enchanting fairytale and sophisticated comedy. Featuring jazz organ, celesta, string section, piano, and finger snaps. A must for a game or a comedy

95 01:47

It’s like sneaking into a dark old house with a flashlight – searching for clues. Featuring lots of fun instruments like castanets, fender Rhodes, flute, oboe, and celesta. Perfect for cartoon or a video game.

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