Brass section

110 01:54

Cinematic and epic orchestral music for video, film, movie, trailer and advertising. The positive and patriotic mood of this track gives you inspiration for new achievements and heights. Starting with soft piano and strings then builds up high tension with big brass, percussion and synths.

101 01:09

Devilish cinematic music for your project, whether it be a store opening, short film, inspirational trailer or product advertising.
Epic music track with big percussion and sound effects, brass section, string ostinato and pulsing synth drones.

115 01:39

A track with a string ostinato rhythmic part and a brass melody giving an epic feeling.

120 03:59

A dynamic and emotional orchestral track with a driving percussive background, strings and brass melody and some lyrical piano parts.

101 02:42

Fantasy orchestral music trailer with piano, big brass rythms, string ostinatos, vocal melody and groovy percussion.

97 02:36

Epic orchestral cinematic trailer music with strings, brass, synthesizer, sound effects, percussion and big booms.

105 01:20

Dramatic heroic epic orchestral music track with arabic / middle east feeling: Percussion elements and world instruments combined with strings, brass and synth pulses.

99 03:45

Cinematic, powerful, epic orchestral music track with big percussion elements, brass, ostinato strings, synth drones and sound effects.

140 01:00

Rhythmic, epic, cinematic music track with big groovy percussion, strings, big brass and synth drones and effects.

160 03:29

Massive percussion, string ostinatos, inspiring brass melodies and a full choir create a powerful and epic atmosphere.

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