Bass Guitar

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142 01:38

A high-energy synth-based rock instrumental that evokes a nostalgic, retro party atmosphere. Ideal uses could include: an 80s film/spoof, a scene in a nightclub/bar, music for credits rolling, an 80s road trip scene, music for videos of people with big/long hair, footage from the 1980s etc.

124 02:10

A jazzy trio of piano, bass and drums set an elegant mood of classy sophistication. Ideal as music for a sophisticated party, Sunday brunch, cocktail hour or scenes of wealthy people gathering.

125 02:06

“Reel ‘Em In” is an instrumental country rock track inspired by fishing shows and documentaries. Instruments include electric guitars, bass and drums.

105 03:39

This track combines the vibe of Funk, Motown, R&B and Soul. With a combination of a tight rhythm section, keys, synth and top notes of flute to carry you through the decades of a sound that still dominates the airwaves.

210 01:30

This upbeat track is full of happiness, Motown and Swing. Set around an infectious drum beat and bass line that moves your body, the horns in the melody is just the icing on top.

158 02:02

Bright and fun Christmas original cue with a funky, upbeat electric guitar and a bouncy beat with anthemic group vocals and jingling bells.

124 02:05

Driving Holiday Christmas track with a jangly acoustic guitar and driving drums, featuring catchy group vocals and sleigh bells

122 01:21

Fashionable smooth Jazz background music with soft deep beats, beautiful Rhodes piano chords, smooth sounds, groovy rhythm and a chilled, relaxing mood. Works great in driving menu games and any stylish and dynamic video.

120 02:30

Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with a celebratory mood / feel. A versatile track that you can use everywhere. Great for motivational commercials and films, websites, inspirational presentations, advertising and youthful brands.

80 01:37

Driven by sparse and suspenseful bass guitar notes, rhythmic world percussion to keep you riveted and tense strings floating overhead to draw sweat from your palms.

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