Acoustic Guitar

122 02:31

Gentle and warm-hearted acoustic music track with bright guitars resolves in epic trailer cue. Featuring picked and strummed acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass, strings, piano, bells, drums and percussion.

122 02:34

A bright and driving acoustic music track in a warm heartwarming mood that’s constantly building. Features acoustic guitars, driving kick drum and percussions, bass, pads and strings.

116 02:18

A mandoline driven acoustic folk track for uplifting and inspiring northland moods.

104 02:23

A light acoustic music track with Glocks, ukuleles, acoustic guitars, strings and drums.

116 02:31

A bright and easy-going acoustic track with ukuleles, acoustic guitars, bells, strings and drums. Created to support an inspirational, happy and touching mood.

80 02:07

A calm track that takes inspiration from medieval instruments and music, giving a Celtic feel by using melodic uilleann pipes and hammer dulcimer underlaid by acoustic guitar arpeggios, string drones, and steady percussion to create a fantasy adventure mood.

100 01:57

‘Happy Whistle’ is a unique and positive serenade of life and happy days! This is a bouncy and very cheerful tune, featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, light piano, accordion and a simple but catchy whistling melody.

100 01:55

Evocative corporate royalty-free music with clean guitars, soft piano and solid rhythmic sections.
The mood is evocative and reflective, inspired by western sounds, ideal for life, outdoors and travel-related content.

125 02:16

A hopeful, gentle and positive pop track featuring muted riff guitar, gentle bells and an acoustic guitar solo theme. Ideal for trendy commercials, travel and nature videos, vlogs and YouTube content.

120 02:10

Unique corporate track blending authentic folk elements and a female choir into a corporate modern structure.
The mood is sincere and uplifting, elevating your life, nature, business and social related projects.

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