World Music library for use in all media including Film and TV including music from Africa, Asia, Brazil and all over the world.

      Per Page:
      88 01:20

      A romantic mandolin-led track built around a simple theme developing into an epic orchestral climax.

      117 03:18

      African song with lots of original instruments. Full arrangement with tribal choir. Perfect for your next travel project or documentary.

      125 01:23

      An africa themed orchestra piece with a flute playing a melody. Then the rythmic adventours drums and choir adds to the drive.

      120 01:32

      Angakkuq is the Inuktitut (Inuit language) name for their mystic shaman.

      110 02:19

      Earthy and organic, featuring traditional middle eastern percussion, saz, and warm synth textures, creates a mysterious and expressive atmosphere.

      120 01:18

      An Epic Ethnical orchestral track written in 7/8 for all odd-time and ethno lovers.

      132 02:00

      Bright and energetic featuring hot brass, vibrant acoustic guitar and lively percussion textures that create an uplifting and playful mood. Bright and summery vibe. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, street carnival, dancing.

      68 01:50

      Earthy and emotional, featuring atmospheric flute, warm piano, and an elegant cello section to create an exotic and sorrowful mood.

      106 03:35

      Inspired by desert scenes in fantasy adventure films…gently dark and erotic with passionate Middle Eastern instrumentation.

      85 02:09

      Beautiful atmospheric track creating an ethereal vibe. This piece combines plenty of ethnic tonal instruments like steel drum (tongue drum), kalimba, celesta along with other non-pitched percussion instruments.

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