A broad range of Rock music from soft to hard with Indie rock, Pop Rock and Heavy Metal styles for your production.

      Per Page:
      150 05:47

      An epic hybrid composition with choirs and strings, going into a more intense part with electric guitars and vintage synths and a sad ending with a piano part. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Electro-Orchestral

      98 02:07

      Medium tempo instrumental with a slow build and positive vibe featuring finger style acoustic guitar, a gentle piano melody and pulsating bass and drums. Great for motivational speeches and conference footage.

      70 01:56

      Swampy electric blues with a Southern swagger and attitude to spare.

      125 01:44

      Rocking electric lap steel guitar with rock drum beat and bluesy harmonica. Great for traveling or driving on the road.

      108 01:17

      A dark, brooding minimal piece. Echoing lead guitars, backed by subtle pads and oscillating bass, joined later by a pulsing, gritty loop. Evoking feelings of sadness and regret, this cue is perfect for melancholy scenes, or brooding/night-time shots.

      94 02:07

      Upbeat acoustic guitar and positive glockenspiel backed by lively drums and hand claps. With a summery vibe, this track is an ideal for creating a ‘good times’ feel; a perfect background for scenes of friendship, fun and optimism.

      145 01:40

      Indie rock track in the style of The Killers, Kings of Leon.

      118 01:42

      The sound of a steel locomotive chugging along at a frantic pace. Getting things done.

      164 05:49

      Hybrid electronic and heavy metal track, with changes from light to heavy mood. Odd beat. Instrumental, Action, Intense Rock

      78 02:09

      Classic rock band sound, guitars, bass, piano, drums. Raw and emotional.

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