All Jazz moods from Fusion and Jazz Funk to Dixieland and Ragtime with up to date Acid Jazz and Electro Swing styles.

      Per Page:
      138 04:12

      A cool 1960s vibe with a live band feel, this jazzy track rolls along with walking jazz bass and funky beats.

      158 01:51

      Carefree, easygoing jazzy record, followed by happy whistling and catchy synth line.

      145 03:47

      A lively funk track featuring hard funky slap bass and manic flute with a busy Hammond organ solo.

      122 01:17

      This is a smooth, jazzy version of the public domain song ‘Happy Birthday’. Full of bounce and vocal ad libs that will get you in a birthday party mood.

      150 01:42

      Crazy funk/jazz tune. It’s perfect for action, police, mad movies.

      145 03:39

      A moody jazz double bass and phased Rhodes dominated this track with funky clavinet and electric guitar licks.

      200 01:40

      A funny and bouncy tune with a playful mood and groovy bass line. Sounding naughty and playful. Suitable for comedies, children related productions and funny commercials. Featuring an upright bass, baritone saxophone, violin, beatboxing, piano and mouth trumpet. Colorful music to compliment your humorous production.

      152 04:04

      A vintage sounding Drum and Bass tune with live drum kit sound, stompy bass and Hammond organ using lesley rotating speaker with plenty of key changes.

      120 03:07

      Samba track with elements of modern jazz. Performed by a live guitar, flute, brass, percussion and piano.

      128 01:20

      Live comedy shows track! Great for Funny quirky and humor background.

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