Hip Hop

A music library of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul for your productions including R&B, Trip Hop and Motown

      Per Page:
      140 02:44

      Simple piano line with heavy 808s and trap hi-hats with spacious claps and a sinister synth line.

      82 01:23

      Dobro, rhodes and slick urban beats combine to create this ‘hick-hop’ track. A slow groove and edgy keys are remiscent of sweltering summer nights. Guitars conjure up images of southern country, tensions mounting.

      143 03:26

      Soft chords topped with trap hi-hats slowly progress with heavy 808s guiding them.

      113 01:56

      This synth-forward modern electronic track has an upbeat and dark energy. Perfect for film, TV, montage, ads, and all media.

      90 02:56

      A haunting top line introduces a hard trap rhythm and foreboding bass keys.

      97 01:43

      Bright and sparkly, featuring hip hop drums, perky strings and cheerful glock, creating a cheerful festive mood.

      145 03:47

      A lively funk track featuring hard funky slap bass and manic flute with a busy Hammond organ solo.

      160 02:50

      Funky fast paced breakbeat with busy funk bass line and catchy synth solo which moves in to a light dreamy section with sweeping pads and arpeggios.

      125 02:24

      hip hop reggae fun is unique and positive reggae hip-hop track using ukulele, electric guitar, synth bass, electronic drums, trombone, jazz trumpet, hand claps and a lot of percussion.

      159 02:07

      Active, positive, energetic music with happy and upbeat mood. Perfect for motivational presentations, holidays and traveling video, summer video with friends, party, children videos, photo slideshows and others project with Upbeat mood. If you need to add optimism to your project, this track is for you!

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