These are the decades, a library of music through the years from 1800s to present including popular eras like the 20’s, the 60’s and the 80’s.

      Per Page:
      98 00:45

      A mysterious, dark music track with a great build-up, lots of synths, guitars and deep beats, great for action trailers and teasers, crime scenes or sci-fi underscores.

      98 01:30

      An intriguing action tune with hybrids, electro bits, spatial guitars and deep percussion, ideal for crime movies, spy scenes or modern games.

      60 02:31

      A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings and woodwinds, ideal for movies, drama shows, war scenes or historical documentaries.

      110 01:46

      Modern dark trailer music that follows a typical trailer music structure. Creates an apocalyptic atmosphere full of tension and darkness.

      80 00:50

      An Epic Hybrid trailer music featuring powerful sound design elements and punching percussion, strings and brass orchestra, and female vocals, suitable for movie and game teasers, action intros and any project that needs a big, building Hollywood blockbuster background music.

      128 01:24

      A hybrid, cinematic royalty free orchestral piece with dark risers and stabs, spacey fx, percussion, strings, hits, and epic choirs.Best for game intros, trailers or action contents.

      138 04:12

      A cool 1960s vibe with a live band feel, this jazzy track rolls along with walking jazz bass and funky beats.

      145 01:40

      Indie rock track in the style of The Killers, Kings of Leon.

      120 01:45

      Classic Rock Vibe is an energetic rock background music track with massive drums and uplifting guitar riffs.

      80 02:30

      A mysterious and eerie ambient theme, with percussive strings, cinematic drums and sound design, dark drones and edgy atmospheric synths, suitable for horror crime movies underscore, intro and trailers or documentaries.

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