Classical music library for use in TV and film featuring timeless classical works played by full orchestras and solo artists including traditional and electronic interpretations.

      Per Page:
      64 01:13

      This is a short track I composed for a romantic movie scene set in 19th century Victorian England. Exciting and elevating strings bring emotional climax and feelings of mutual love and happiness.

      110 01:00

      A beautiful, emotional royalty free cinematic music theme with a sad sentimental piano, strings and hybrid orchestra, percussion and sound design, great for romantic Hollywood style trailers, teasers or love stories.

      80 02:28

      An emotional, uplifting orchestral music theme with inspiring strings, piano bits, harps, brass and epic drums, great for trailers, weddings or love stories.

      60 02:30

      A powerful, cinematic orchestral theme with inspiring strings, piano bits, horns, female choirs and epic drums, best for action trailers, adventure games or uplifting contents.

      60 02:31

      A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings and woodwinds, ideal for movies, drama shows, war scenes or historical documentaries.

      80 00:50

      An Epic Hybrid trailer music featuring powerful sound design elements and punching percussion, strings and brass orchestra, and female vocals, suitable for movie and game teasers, action intros and any project that needs a big, building Hollywood blockbuster background music.

      110 03:18

      A dramatic, epic royalty free hybrid orchestral music theme with dark pads, tense strings, braams, female vocals and big drums, great for action trailers, games, promos or movie openers.

      135 03:51

      A tick tock swinging rhythm and orchestral feel drops into the funky drummer breakbeat. A dreamy tune and relaxing chords alongside a gritty bass line and funky beats make this track flow. (Reminiscent of Gymnopedie by Satie)

      122 01:54

      Tense pizzicato strings, vibes and urban beats create a comic tension. Middle section suggests a lighter sense of discovery, before returning to the mystery. Great for dramedy, searches, and light-hearted investigations.

      68 02:25

      A suspenseful, ambient royalty free music theme with dark piano bits, synths, hybrid risers, strings and epic drums, best for cinematic trailers, emotional contents or action games.

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