Ballroom production music styles including the March, Bossa Nova, Tango, Waltz and Latin flavours.

      Per Page:
      155 04:36

      A fast paced Latin Drum and Bass tune with a spy/undercover agent feel. Starting with Latin style Piano and Cha-Cha rhythm this track soon picks up pace dropping in to a rolling bass line and breakbeat backed by cheeky acid riffs. The chase is on!

      135 01:39

      Positive royalty free easy listening / bossa nova background instrumental elevator music with soft comforting feel for promotional video, infomercial, vlog, presentation, on-hold music, event, training, and commercial business use.

      73 02:36

      Very sensual track made by a tenor sax, delayed guitars, a Rhodes keyboard and smoothy drum beat. Great for erotic content or sex scenes,

      132 02:00

      Bright and energetic featuring hot brass, vibrant acoustic guitar and lively percussion textures that create an uplifting and playful mood. Bright and summery vibe. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, street carnival, dancing.

      120 01:24

      Orchestral moods, sliding down from happy to sad, and making a pit stop at terrified.

      120 02:40

      Variation on Ennio Morricone’s “Quarto Grado” from Novecento Movie by Bernardo Bertolucci

      155 02:43

      Drum and Bass Latin jazz with deep sub bass, spooky synth riff with flute and guitar licks. this is Latin music set to a contemporary hardcore drum and bass track.

      160 02:33

      Hardcore fast break beats and climbing Jazz bass with a Latin salsa feel. Spacious swirling pads in the breakdown section soon turn in to a frenzy of fast paced Latin percussion and deep sub bass.

      120 03:07

      Samba track with elements of modern jazz. Performed by a live guitar, flute, brass, percussion and piano.

      120 04:06

      Bossa Nova composition with jazz instruments, saxophones, pianos and contrabass. Creative solos playing under the main structure. The music is instrumental and the mood is fun and happy. This track fits very well in productions with fun topics, dinners, launch, presentations and other productions with happy and cheerful moods.

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