Ambient music is spatial and atmospheric electronic music with huge ambient soundscapes, lush string pads, big reverbs and effects. New age music, meditation and spiritual background music for spa’s

      Per Page:
      73 01:43

      Soft and reflective, finger picking acoustic guitars. Sparse and beautiful.

      65 04:24

      An ethereal, ambient music piece with an emotional cello, airy piano bits and percussion, great for documentary, timelapse or dark cinematic contents.

      98 01:30

      An intriguing action tune with hybrids, electro bits, spatial guitars and deep percussion, ideal for crime movies, spy scenes or modern games.

      66 01:56

      Melancholic felt piano with a mellow and sad mood featuring piano and pads. Perfect for film, tv, documentary videos, drama and movie backgrounds.

      110 01:46

      Modern dark trailer music that follows a typical trailer music structure. Creates an apocalyptic atmosphere full of tension and darkness.

      80 01:53

      A dark, dissonant royalty free ambient track with deep distorted lo-fi synths and spooky percussion, ideal for sci-fi documentaries, movies, trailers, timelapses or trendy video games.

      68 02:08

      Dark, ticking tension with pulsating strings to help create a sense of mystery and suspense.

      68 02:06

      Dark tension cue, with film score suspense elements featuring pulsing rhythms, synth risers, hits and sound FX to create a tense and suspenseful underscore.

      120 01:32

      Angakkuq is the Inuktitut (Inuit language) name for their mystic shaman.

      110 03:18

      A dramatic, epic royalty free hybrid orchestral music theme with dark pads, tense strings, braams, female vocals and big drums, great for action trailers, games, promos or movie openers.

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