Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about licensing music and using our music library

How do I search for music on your site?

Finding the right piece of music for your production could not be easier. You can search using keywords or add filters to see results for a particular production genre, music genre, mood, or instrument. You can also search by the composer where you can hear all the music tracks by a particular artist.

How are the music files delivered?

After you have successfully completed payment, the payment confirmation page will contain download links to your files. You will also receive an order receipt containing the download links and a license agreement to your account e-mail address or the email you supplied when ordering. It is important that you use a valid e-mail address to ensure that you receive your documents.

Your download link is a unique URL and for security reasons will expire 48 hours after purchase. Should you be unable to download within the 48-hour period, you can request to renew your download link by contacting us.

When you click your download link, the file should begin to download depending on the browser you are using. We supply our recordings as broadcast quality 16bit 44.1kHz .wav files.

Please ensure that you back up any sound files, invoices, and license agreements after you have completed your purchase.

What is a Performing Rights Organisation (“PRO”)?

A composer may choose to register with their local Performing Rights Organisation (“PRO”).

When a production containing PRO registered music is broadcast or publicly performed, collection societies like PRS, BMI and ASCAP collect broadcast and public performance royalties from sources such as YouTube, television, radio, and movie theatres. The PRO will distribute a share of these royalties to their registered members when their music is used in a production.

Other composers may decide not to register themselves or their music with a PRO organisation which means their music if often referred to as completely royalty free music, 100% royalty free music or PRS PPL free music.

What is a music cue sheet and when do I need to complete one?

A music cue sheet contains details of a production and all music used within it e.g. track title, composer(s), PRO affiliation, duration. Your license agreement will contain details of a composer’s or tracks PRO affiliation.

The producer/production company should complete a music cue sheet when a production is broadcast or publicly performed (e.g. on radio, film, and television). There are no additional fees associated with the submission of cue sheets as any additional license fees are normally covered by a broadcaster’s annual blanket license.

Should you be unsure if your production falls under public performance, we recommend you seek advice from your local PRO organisation.

What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music is a fairly in-depth topic and is explained in more detail on our ‘What Is Royalty Free Music?’ page.

Is the music on Melodicloud royalty free?

A composer may choose to register with a Performing Rights Organisation or “PRO” so the music on Melodicloud is ‘generally’ royalty free rather than completely royalty free. You can find out if a track or composer is PRO registered by navigating to the individual track page on our site or within your license agreement.

By obtaining a synchronisation license from Melodicloud you can use our music without the need to pay us further fees based on usage. Our licenses are in perpetuity meaning that you can use the music for the life of your production i.e. they are not time limited.

My video has a music copyright notice from YouTube, what do I do?

YouTube ContentID scans your video for copyrighted material on upload. You may receive a copyright claim when a potential match with other copyrighted material is found in your video. We do not allow our artists to submit ContentID registered music so you should not get a copyright notice when using our music.

If you do receive a notice, it may be the result of a near match and can be easily resolved by disputing the copyright notice and showing that you have a license to use the music from us.

Can I sing over the music and release it as my own track?

No, we do not allow any derived works. You can not sing over or add sounds to our music and claim it as your own work.

Do you offer refunds or replacements?

Once our system shows you have downloaded your files then the sale is final, and no refund will be possible.

Refunds will only be issued when technical issues such as audio quality or file corruption cause the music to be unfit for purpose. A full or partial refund for duplicate purchases or billing will be issued as soon as possible.

Following any refund, the license terms relating to the recording(s) will be revoked immediately. You must stop any use of the recording(s), confirm deletion of all music files from any computer, media, or storage device to us via email.

Are you VAT registered?

We are currently not registered for VAT so cannot supply VAT invoices.