I'm a young Italian composer based between Rovigo and Perugia.
In this profile you can find my personal music production and other music that I've produced and in particular for Media and FIlm Scoring.
I started to play music and the piano when I was a child but my vocation was the composition, infact, i wrote music since I was 16.
Now I work in the music business like composer, arranger and producer of Pop, Jazz, Soul, Funk music and composition for media and film scoring too.
So, Enjoy it and call me to grow up your Music.

Music by vittoriocopioso

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100 01:15

Slow beats start this orchestral piece which builds up with encouraging strings in this song composed for movie and media.

120 02:40

Variation on Ennio Morricone’s “Quarto Grado” from Novecento Movie by Bernardo Bertolucci

120 04:01

Two souls in the same tune. The meeting and the opposition.

150 01:42

Crazy funk/jazz tune. It’s perfect for action, police, mad movies.

120 02:53

Song composed for sad, suspense or horror scenes.

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