Steven Vinyl

Steven Vinyl

  • Joined: February, 2020
  • Tracks: 5
  • Plays: 62

Steven Vinyl is a composer/pianist with 11 years of classical music study behind him. He brings melodic lines back in business and his tracks prove that.

Music by Steven Vinyl

Per Page:
120 02:08

Dive into the epicness of the orchestral fanfare. Available at your fingertips for any Action, Apocalyptic or Fantasy genre of movie/game.

70 02:12

Versitile track hitting dark emotions. Suitable for Drama, Fantasy and even Nature documentaries.

120 01:18

An Epic Ethnical orchestral track written in 7/8 for all odd-time and ethno lovers.

110 03:20

Project Alpha is an agressive synth/guitar style track suitable for any action based movie or game. A fast paced track that makes you want to run forever.

122 02:00

An epical journey with suspense dramatical elements. The track is suitable for any trailer, action and even drama scenes.

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