Skyhammer Sound

Skyhammer Sound

I am a Finnish freelance media composer with emotional, atmospheric music as my forte. I wrote my first song almost 20 years ago, and have been going deeper and deeper into that rabbit hole ever since. I've also picked up audio engineering and music production over the years and built a professional home studio, so I basically lead a one-man one-stop-music-shop.

I could be described as a multi-instrumentalist, but I consider myself a composer-first musician, meaning that I get my kicks out of creating something new instead of playing an instrument. I started out with drums, moved to guitars and have picked up piano and keyboards along the way. I've studied composition and orchestration along with music theory, and I seek to improve myself by studying ever more.

Music by Skyhammer Sound

The Decision

The Nemesis

The War Machine

Aetheric Flow

Carefree Life

Waves of Solace