Sarah De Carlo

Sarah De Carlo

  • Joined: November, 2019
  • Tracks: 55
  • Plays: 1008

Sarah De Carlo is an Italian Opera singer, composer, and producer for film, multimedia, and TV. She creates engaging cinematic scores and trailer music incorporating Electronic and Epic Hybrid Orchestral elements.

Her suspenseful and mysterious tracks are ideal for Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror movies. She also writes music for advertising, commercials, documentaries, independent projects, and corporate videos.

Sarah's dramatic film scores pay homage to her most important musical influences Vangelis, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer.

Music by Sarah De Carlo

Per Page:
98 00:45

A mysterious, dark music track with a great build-up, lots of synths, guitars and deep beats, great for action trailers and teasers, crime scenes or sci-fi underscores.

92 02:32

A building and powerful drum track that will make your project pump harder and stronger.
Its energetic and uplifting percussive structure includes powerful stomps and claps, crowd chants, punchy trailer hits and ethnic percussion, and its great for extreme sports videos, adventure and GoPro projects, epic and cinematic trailers, info-graphics, football events and TV shows, slideshows, and video games.

110 01:00

A beautiful, emotional royalty free cinematic music theme with a sad sentimental piano, strings and hybrid orchestra, percussion and sound design, great for romantic Hollywood style trailers, teasers or love stories.

65 04:24

An ethereal, ambient music piece with an emotional cello, airy piano bits and percussion, great for documentary, timelapse or dark cinematic contents.

80 02:28

An emotional, uplifting orchestral music theme with inspiring strings, piano bits, harps, brass and epic drums, great for trailers, weddings or love stories.

98 01:30

An intriguing action tune with hybrids, electro bits, spatial guitars and deep percussion, ideal for crime movies, spy scenes or modern games.

60 02:30

A powerful, cinematic orchestral theme with inspiring strings, piano bits, horns, female choirs and epic drums, best for action trailers, adventure games or uplifting contents.

60 02:31

A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings and woodwinds, ideal for movies, drama shows, war scenes or historical documentaries.

80 01:53

A dark, dissonant royalty free ambient track with deep distorted lo-fi synths and spooky percussion, ideal for sci-fi documentaries, movies, trailers, timelapses or trendy video games.

80 00:50

An Epic Hybrid trailer music featuring powerful sound design elements and punching percussion, strings and brass orchestra, and female vocals, suitable for movie and game teasers, action intros and any project that needs a big, building Hollywood blockbuster background music.

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