Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Hi, I’m Sarah, co-owner of Melodicloud. I started my music journey when I was about 8 years old after my parents bought me my first keyboard. After teaching myself piano as a child, I went on to study music at secondary school where I discovered my love for sound and audio. At 18, I followed my dream and studied Audio Engineering at SAE London.

After I completed my studies, I worked at a mastering studio in North London and then returned to SAE London as an Audio Supervisor, teaching students’ practical skills on all types of professional audio equipment including the Neve VR Legend and SSL G+ 4000 mixing consoles. Since then, I have been raising my son and helping my husband run our music library business.

I have recently returned to writing more music after a long break but have co-written, engineered and produced with my husband, Bob Richardson, for over 20 years. The tracks on my profile are either solo projects or collaborations with Bob but I can be found as co-writer or engineer on many of his tracks.

My music reflects my love for sound, and I often write with a more emotive edge. As a composer, I do not write any one particular genre but do tend to lean towards pop and dance styles.

Music by Sarah Richardson

Going Round in Circles