Welcome to my profile page.
Here are the composing and music production services that I offer:

Music composition:
High quality original music composition. From video game music to film soundtracks, apps, Youtube channels, commercials and one off productions, I have the right music for your project and budget.

Library Music:
A growing collection of original, royalty free, stock and library music ready for you to use in your project right away. With a variety of genres and styles readily available.
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Ian Laurence B.A.(Hons), LTCL, AMusTCL

Music by rhvbarb

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120 02:08

A fresh and clean background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!
Instruments feature acoustic guitar, electric muted guitar, piano, strings, bells, drums.

125 01:40

Upbeat, energetic, inspirational and joyful track featuring ukulele, bells, glockenspiel, guitars, stomps, claps and “Hey!”. The perfect track for a happy mood!

130 01:18

An energetic, upbeat and powerful percussion track. Youthful uplifting stomps and claps fused with high energy EDM building up and punctuated with vocal shouts ‘Hey!’.

140 02:50

An epic, energetic and inspiring orchestral track that builds from an intimate piano to a thunderous orchestral cinematic climax. Instruments include driving piano, pulsating strings, rhythmic woodwind and thundering percussion.

180 01:11

An epic, vast and expansive orchestral track that builds from intimate piano to a thunderous climax. Instruments include intimate piano, huge strings, roaring brass and thundering percussion.

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