Peter Hamer

Peter Hamer

Peter Hamer is an Italian soundtrack composer, guitar player and multi-instrumentalist musician, focused on soundtrack music for movies, tv-series, documentaries, games and ads.
Peter also manages his own independent label called Peter Hamer Productions, the house of all the projects he's involved in.
"Victim of Illusion" and "Boundary Exception" are two of them and they play in the progressive rock scene.
Peter's soundtracks are focused on hybrid songs with guitars, bass, drums and orchestral elements. Some songs are more on the epic/action mood, other are more rock oriented, other are in the ambient/soundscape field.
With influences from Brian Eno and the Alan Parson Project, Peter also writes music in exciting experimental fields, leading a band called "Mohai Experiment".
Peter loves international collaborations and he's also a prolific arranger of reinvented cover songs.

Music by Peter Hamer

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180 05:16

Hybrid instrumental soundtrack with multiple variations and genre shifts. Starting with a Trap loop, it goes quickly on heavy orchestral riffs, Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock and Metal

132 02:31

Uplifting positive modern EDM instrumental track with electric guitars, Instrumental, Pop, Tween Pop

100 07:01

Soulful intense track with a repetitive build (delay guitars, drum, bass and orchestral parts), a long journey through emotions, Instrumental, Dramatic

140 06:49

Post-rock track with an immersive ambience, inspiring eternal landscapes and a soft continuous flow.

120 05:03

Hybrid epic orchestral and choirs track with pompous rhythm. Song has electronic influences and also electronic drums mixed with real drums. Suitable for hero and action moments or solemn marches. Instrumental, Action, Theme Superhero

215 05:19

Hard hybrid funk rock song with electronic elements, heavy guitars, bass and drums. An atmospheric introduction leads to a strong disco-like riff, and another quiet moment can be found in the middle of the song. Instrumental, Sports, Extreme Sports Music

100 04:18

This track represents a battle between an electric guitar and an acoustic cello. The duel is interspersed by a scary piano melody in the middle of the song, Instrumental, Action, Impending Rock and Metal

110 02:29

Classic rock track is driven by guitar, bass and drums, Instrumental, Rock, Classic Rock

110 02:41

Country ballad with a lot of energy, suitable for a tv jingle settle in a western valley, Instrumental, Blues, Country Blues

70 05:05

Hybrid epic dark soundtrack with rock music mixed with orchestral parts and choirs. This soundtrack has a lot of variations from smooth parts to heavy parts. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Dark Magical

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