I'm a professional musician,composer,arranger,drummer and guitar player based in Serbia,with a record of dozens of commercials and theater scores. I believe that music is the best way of communicating emotions and ideas, weather it’s for a commercial, website,film or theater.
The right music track can mean the difference between an awesome creation and a lame project.
All of my music was recorded,played and mixed by me in my home studio.I explore new music constantly in order to stay as updated and fresh as possible!
Whatever music you are looking for, I trust you can find it here.
Thank you so much !

Music by ONENAIL

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110 01:46

This track will be a dominant tune at every birthday party! It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk music track with whistle, ukulele, hand-clapping, positive vibes and an energetic chorus. A perfect match for trendy commercials, promos, intros and openers, video games, cartoons, travel and nature videos, vlogs and YouTube content. Use this optimistic and bright track in your projects and share your wonderful stories with the rest of us! Enjoy!

110 03:00

This music track tells you to always remain cool and focused! It is a stylish lounge house dance music piece, perfect for your fashion shows, presentations, YouTube videos or any other media projects.  Use it in your trendy commercials, openers and intros, video games, travel and landscape videos, vlogs or podcasts. Its arrangement consists of groovy synth leads, hybrid fx elements and simple beats accompanied by deep piano chords. Its elegant and inspiring atmosphere will prove to be invaluable in your precious media projects!

82 03:16

“Beauty Of Love” is an inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling calm track using a warm xylophone accompanied by acoustic guitars, oboe and vibraphone theme that creates an optimistic, romantic and quiet mood. This music will perfectly compliment any wedding video, Valentine’s day or family album.

132 02:06

“life is on the beach” is a happy, upbeat and carefree folk music track using ukulele and acoustic guitar theme, xylophone, tiny bells, hand clapping. An energetic chorus evokes positive vibes.

145 02:52

“As Time Goes By” is an inspiring, beautiful and emotional track using piano, bells, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, cinematic percussion and drums. Perfect for wedding or romantic videos, photo slideshows and motivational presentations.

100 01:57

This track will be a dominant tune in your company or project !It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk music track with ukulele, positive vibes piano and xylophone, hand clapping, acoustic guitar and an energetic male vocals.

126 02:19

This is a unique and positive track using a ukulele theme with whistle, upright bass, electronic drums, trombone, jazz trumpet, hand claps and a lot of percussion.

100 02:27

This is epic, dramatic and cinematic royalty free music track which is telling a story using orchestral strings, horns, epic drums and an excellent chord progression.

116 01:42

New sneakers beat is a powerful, driving, moving and inspiring epic cinematic drum percussion track using Taiko drums, snaps, claps, tambourine… This track is perfect for extreme sports videos, commercial, corporate, action video, dance projects and cinematic trailers.

160 02:07

This track is in a happy and joyful mood… sometimes very sad and sometimes a happy feeling about our childhood. Using piano, flute, accordion, acoustic guitar.

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