Michele Vanni

Michele Vanni

I'm a musician/composer/producer from Italy and I played both live and in the studio with some of the biggest Italian pop artists, composed hundreds of radio jingles and ads.
My library music tracks have been licensed worldwide and I composed music for a few independent movie soundtracks.
I produced faithful covers for a big karaoke website and worked with different publishing houses producing bespoke music for english courses.
My specialty is real guitars (and bass and ukulele too) but I'm quite proficient on keys and drums too and I strive to get a live, organic feel in my tracks.
I got a ton of virtual instruments from orchestral to vintage keys and electronics and I like to compose in very different styles, from rock to orchestral hybrids and atmospheric soundtracks.

Music by Michele Vanni

Alien Matrix

Dream Catcher


On Edge

Victory Day

Perfect Day

Fancy That


Next in Line