Julian Blackmore

Julian Blackmore

  • Joined: March, 2020
  • Tracks: 40
  • Plays: 217

Julian is a British composer and musician based in New York City. His music has been used in a whole host of projects around the globe including theatre, film, television and new media. Recent placements include Comedy Central, National Geographic, NBC and CNN.

Julian's interests include yoga, travel and jumping out of planes for no good reason. His rescue dog, Parsley, tends to ghost-write a lot of his music.

Music by Julian Blackmore

Per Page:
114 01:45

This airy and light track combines a steady drum groove with piano licks, to create a summery vibe. Perfect for adding a positive, uplifting feel to projects, this track would sit equally at home in a corporate communication or summer commercial.

122 01:54

Tense pizzicato strings, vibes and urban beats create a comic tension. Middle section suggests a lighter sense of discovery, before returning to the mystery. Great for dramedy, searches, and light-hearted investigations.

82 01:23

Dobro, rhodes and slick urban beats combine to create this ‘hick-hop’ track. A slow groove and edgy keys are remiscent of sweltering summer nights. Guitars conjure up images of southern country, tensions mounting.

108 01:17

A dark, brooding minimal piece. Echoing lead guitars, backed by subtle pads and oscillating bass, joined later by a pulsing, gritty loop. Evoking feelings of sadness and regret, this cue is perfect for melancholy scenes, or brooding/night-time shots.

74 01:37

Lyrical and heartwarming solo piano. Reflective and relaxing, with questions asked, this track has a sense of movement and contemplation.

94 02:07

Upbeat acoustic guitar and positive glockenspiel backed by lively drums and hand claps. With a summery vibe, this track is an ideal for creating a ‘good times’ feel; a perfect background for scenes of friendship, fun and optimism.

130 01:25

Upbeat synths and a light groove create and optimistic and bouncy vibe. Electro-pop with a sense of fun, energy and progress. Strings emerge later in the track to provide a sense of growth.

110 00:43

Confident and upbeat synth-based theme perfect for intros and presentations. Ideal for science, technology, or lifestyle podcasts, interviews and reviews.

117 01:24

A synthy brooding track evoking scenes of CSI investigators searching a scene, or running tests; a spy at work in front of a laptop; or someone waiting nervously for a program to download.

60 01:02

Minimal and atmospheric, with threatening synths, tense sound design, and urgent percussion, creating a dramatic and somber mood.

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