Jake Bradford-Sharp

Jake Bradford-Sharp

English composer, multi-instrumentalist, and tutor Jake Bradford-Sharp is a technically proficient artist working in many musical fields: writing and recording music for TV and film, session work, regular gigging, and tutoring drums and music. Born in Enfield, London in 1992, Jake first began playing the drums at the age of 8 and began formal lessons at the age of 10.

Initially inspired by classic rock icons such as John Bonham, Ian Paice and Keith moon, Jake quickly discovered his love of progressive rock music and its blend of rock, jazz, fusion, and many others. He immersed himself in these very sophisticated drumming styles, and at the age of 16 joined his first professional band, The Reasoning, and honed his craft on the touring and recording circuit. In 2010 he was crowned the “5th Best Drummer of 2010” by readers of Prog magazine. Jake continues to work with bands, of which more information can be found on his website.

In the downtime between touring, Jake fell in love with composing for TV, films, and games. His ability to jump between styles and genres effortlessly, yet still bring a unique and recognizable sound to every project is creatively showcased in his latest works. This led Jake to work with independent filmmakers and compose for library music companies.

Over the years Jake has experimented with multiple genres and styles of music, finding steady success with his own unique take on the Electro Swing genre. Jake continued to expand his compositional skills and since first being introduced to the worlds of writing to picture and production music, continues to successfully release unique albums. As he continues his journey into composition for TV, film, library and game music, you can keep up to date with his releases by following Jake’s official Spotify artist page.

Outside of composing music and performing drums, teaching is a passion of Jakes. He is a tutor at Bang Drum School in London. Jake has also released drum videos on YouTube showcasing yet another side of his writing, performance and technical ability on the drum kit.

Being an active session musician, Jake has been hired to work with many artists at some of the world’s most prestigious recording studios in his hometown of London. He is available for session work and can be contacted directly on his website.

Music by Jake Bradford-Sharp

Sixes and Sevens
In Focus
Three’s A Number
Come On
Sort It Out
Welcome Home
A Merry Tune