Edward Charles Nathaniel Brown

Edward Charles Nathaniel Brown

Edward Brown is an award-winning woodwind instrumentalist, teacher, composer, and music producer with a Master's in composition for film and television, based in Wells, UK, and a seller of royalty-free stock music.

Edward's royalty-free stock music has had many influences; he has worked with esteemed composers like Sefi Carmel, Martin Kiszko, and William Goodchild and has produced music for various indie films and video games, including the hit shooter, Synthetik: Legion Rising.

Over the years, Edward's music production has been influenced by various genres: he grew up listening to jazz classics, enjoys experimenting with synthesizers, and using his knowledge, learned at university, of scoring for orchestra and vocals in his music productions and royalty-free stock music.

Music by Edward Charles Nathaniel Brown

Underwater Tranquility
Ticking Tension
Here They Come
Hit The Arcade
Call To Arms
Ducking Around
A Little Adventure
The Finish Line
Change Your Ways
Those Higher Limits