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"So... I am from Brazil and began my life in music when I was 15 years of age and learnt to play guitar. I have tried for a while with some friends with whom I had a band, but things came about and we got separated.
... fast forward 15 years later, I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to study Recording Arts at The Los Angeles Film and Recording School, and then Music Business at UCLA. I worked in a few projects as freelance audio engineer for post-production and mixing and mastering engineer for Andreao Fanatic, Tita Lima, NARIP, and Van Storck who is my mais artist today, to name a few.
Then, in 2018 I moved back to Brazil, and felt I needed to start making my own music, and electronic music was always on the top of my head as a go to genre, besides me having a lot of history with heavy metal, country music, jazz and blues... techno and house music make me really feel it.
So, I have been getting deeper every day to find my own style producing music, and there is where I am at right now.
My goal is to have other people listening to what I produce and hopefully make them feel the way I feel when I listen to music I love."

Music by dongarcez

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124 06:29

Melodic Techno following styles such as Colyn, Biskuwi, Solomon, and others. The song brings instruments like Pad, Drums, Bass, Synths, and full effects. Deep feelings, wide emotions, and engaging beats.

128 04:03

Uplifting song, action and driving scenes suggestions. Pleasant for either film, tv commercials and/or radio. Song was built with a strong bass line and varied percussion.

128 05:39

Technology and humanity. Melodic Techno vibe. Strong synth bass and percussion. Uplifting with a little suspense.

124 05:58

Inspirational techno, sport/action track ideal for video games. Could also be used in dark, energetic or nightclub scenes.

100 09:48

Chill out like “Cafe del Mar” style. Ibiza music vibes. Sunset relaxing and emotive feelings.

120 02:24

Dark beat and strong snare drum. Building, preparing and training getting ready for a battle or dispute. Strong mindset sound.

95 02:11

High tech and robotic sounding collection of instruments and effects.

125 06:12

Pure acid techno. Great for nightclubs, festivals, or any chase scene similar to Terminator 2.

124 06:51

Begins with a strong drum kit and effects, followed by synths and some melody. Minimal and melodic techno vibes

125 07:48

High tech and robotic, with an inspirational sounding collection of instruments and effects. Ideal for scenes in nightclubs or urban spaces.

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