I offer services as sound engineer, music production, artist development/management, and sync music licensing for film/Tv.

"So... I am from Brazil and began my life in music when I was 15 years of age and learnt to play guitar. I have tried for a while with some friends with whom I had a band, but things came about and we got separated.
... fast forward 15 years later, I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to study Recording Arts at The Los Angeles Film and Recording School, and then Music Business at UCLA. I worked in a few projects as freelance audio engineer for post-production and mixing and mastering engineer for Andreao Fanatic, Tita Lima, NARIP, and Van Storck who is my mais artist today, to name a few.
Then, in 2018 I moved back to Brazil, and felt I needed to start making my own music, and electronic music was always on the top of my head as a go to genre, besides me having a lot of history with heavy metal, country music, jazz and blues... techno and house music make me really feel it.
So, I have been getting deeper every day to find my own style producing music, and there is where I am at right now.
My goal is to have other people listening to what I produce and hopefully make them feel the way I feel when I listen to music I love."

Music by dongarcez

Spatial Coyote



Quick Shot



Thru Emotions

Training Mood

Trail Robot

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