David Beardmore Music

David Beardmore Music

I'm a classically trained pianist, composer and arranger. I write rich harmonic tracks with strong melody lines for combinations of piano, orchestra and choir. Influenced by the great composers of the classical world but also by the film scores of John Barrie, and John Williams. I love the portrayal and emotion of their scores in particular.
I write from the piano but, thanks to my classical training, can hear parts in my head as I write and can often put several lines down to track as I go. I love adding electronic instruments to my compositions too - I'm very comfortable writing a strong orchestral bed with a synth lead. I have access to great instrumentalists too and I can use them on tracks if required.
I believe that great music unlocks the emotions and feelings of a film, video, even an ad, amplifying the emotions the producer wants to generate in their audience.

Music by David Beardmore Music

Lazy Days


Do You Love Me?


Vague Echoes

Angel Secrets