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Touching, emotional, sensitive, soulful, hopeful ... ~ Music!
My goal is to bring emotions into every note of my composition.
SunriseMusic mainly composes orchestral music with mood like
inspiring, romantic, emotional, motivational…and making compositions
for films, wedding videos, motivational projects, TV, advertisements and
more. Enjoy!

Music by SunriseMusic

Per Page:
95 02:40

A powerful, emotional orchestral music theme with a warm piano, strings, choirs, brass and epic drums. Very inspiring and uplifting piece. Best for weddings, movies or trailers.

112 02:32

A powerful, cinematic royalty free orchestral music theme with strings, big horns, epic drums and choirs, best for action trailers, adventure games, award ceremonies or promos.

120 02:34

An uplifting, motivating and adventurous orchestral theme with a piano, strings, big horns and epic drums. Best for cinematic trailers, inspiring documentaries, award ceremony music, nature clips or adventure games.

192 01:55

An uplifting and inspiring piano and cinematic orchestra track with piano melody, strings and powerful drums to finish. Perfect for documentary, motivational video and trailers.

120 02:52

A powerful, cinematic orchestral theme with slow buildup, featuring piano, strings and epic horns with choir and big drums at its peak, creating a sense of honor and saga! Best for action trailers, games, landscape or war contents.

78 02:01

This emotional and sad piano orchestral music track is very powerful and has a build up melody to the finish with strong drums. It’s great for emotional sad background, drama, sad and dramatic videos, cinematic mellow trailers, powerful melancholy stories and motivational movie videos.

112 02:25

A hopeful, emotional royalty free music theme with a gentle piano and touching strings, ideal for commercials, wedding and romantic content.

98 03:03

An emotional and calm track featuring piano and cello to create a romantic and inspirational mood. This composition is perfect as background music in inspiring advertisements and motivational presentations, sentimental videos, wedding, romantic and valentine’s day videos or charity campaigns.

186 01:57

A bouncy, joyful royalty free music track, with an energetic piano, strings, horns and warm drums, best for weddings, commercials, intros, romantic clips or happy slideshows.

149 02:22

A powerful and emotional orchestral music theme with nice piano bits, strings, loud horns and epic drums. Great for documentaries, cinematic trailers, nature visuals or film openers.

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