Christopher Wiley

Christopher Wiley

Originally from Bend, Oregon, Christopher John Wiley is a passionate and enthusiastic collaborator, who loves exploring new possibilities and producing innovative, expressive, and worthwhile creations. Filmmaking and storytelling are his passions, and music composition is his specialty. He received BA in Music from BYU-Hawaii, summa cum laude, focusing on composition. He then went on to earn an MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media, with honors, from Pulse College at the Dublin Institute of Technology, in Dublin, Ireland. He is currently working on a number of projects in the realms of music, film, and storytelling.

When Christopher isn’t busy having a blast playing and making music, he is likely spending time with his wife and baby daughter, exploring nature, watching and learning about great films, or making films with his friends. He is noted for his sharp sense of humor, his enthusiasm, and his strong understanding of the intricacies of genre, film, and storytelling.

Music by Christopher Wiley

Killing Time

Learning to Fly


The Sad Truth

Saving the Day

Keep Going