Brockton James

Brockton James

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Brockton James has been a multi-instrumentalist since childhood, playing guitar, bass, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica and percussion. He recorded his first record, a three-song E.P. in Sacramento, California, in 1983. Since then, he has been involved with numerous recording projects, and has released four CDs, including the highly-acclaimed 2009 Holiday album, “A Vision of the Season.” But James also has the gift of comedy! He has composed, produced and performed on songs featured on the nationally-syndicated radio program, “The Dr. Demento Show,” one of which, a Christmas novelty tune, appeared on the CD, “Holidays in Dementia,” released by Rhino Records in 1995. It continues to be a popular comedy CD to this day!

James is well versed in “behind-the-scenes” activities as well. Possessing a thorough knowledge of audio equipment, he co-owned a concert sound reinforcement company while still in High School, and received a degree in Electronic Technology in 1984. Since then, he has worked at (and set up) recording studios, engineered live events and has worked in radio-broadcasting, advertising and theatrical sound-design. He has also produced and engineered projects for other artists, and has assisted them in their promotional efforts. Presently, James operates a private recording studio, concentrating on his own compositions and sound effects for use in film, TV, advertising, multimedia projects, etc.

James is a writer affiliate of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI).

Music by Brockton James

Per Page:
78 03:06

This is an atmospheric, dreamy, yet rhythmic track featuring huge synth pads and leads, acoustic guitars, drums and electric bass. This piece evolves from one mood into another. Drums and bass enter at 00:42.

100 05:01

This track is a sweeping, atmospheric soundscape featuring many synthesized production elements. At approximately 02:00 the beat becomes more alive with tablas and bass.

93 05:05

This track is a mildly aggressive, mid-tempo atmospheric piece featuring a heavy synth bass line (a bit reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”), lo-fi drums, sequenced synth parts and organ passages.

90 02:31

This track is a beautiful, lush, original Christmas/Holiday melody in the classic tradition! It features a full orchestra with bells, counter melodies and nice dynamics!

105 02:59

This track is a very different arrangement of the traditional Christmas/holiday classic! It features an orchestra with acoustic guitars and light hand percussion. The melody lines are played by oboe, strings, flutes and clarinet.

70 03:21

The old Scottish traditional drinking song, now mostly associated with New Year’s Eve. This version is very organic and folksy with acoustic guitars, piano, mandolin, harmonica, flute, bass and drums.

85 02:03

This is a meandering, comedic/novelty track featuring an oboe, flute, banjo and various novelty percussion hits like “boings” and whistles.

110 03:01

This is an easy-going, yet fun, mid-tempo bluesy/boogie track featuring mostly acoustic instruments: a piano, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass and drums.

79 03:27

This track features a full orchestra with solo piano passages. There is a long, soft and flowing bridge featuring oboe, clarinets and flutes, which quickly escalates into the final chorus.

50 03:02

This track is a slow, somber, melancholy orchestral piece. A sad underscore.

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