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Bob Richardson

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Bob Richardson is an electronic music composer and producer of Dance music based production tracks with many placements in film and TV over the years.

Bob started playing Piano by ear from the age of 5 learning from his father who was keyboard player in a 60's band. Growing up around Hammond organs, pianos and playing bugle/side drum in a marching band Bob picked up some valuable experience and musical influences he still uses today. With an EPS16+ sampler and sequencer Bob wrote numerous electronic dance music styles including Drum 'n' Bass and House tracks on Vinyl/CD through the 90's. Bob worked under many pseudonyms on different projects and produced tracks for acts and DJ's of the time. Bob was awarded a Princes Trust grant which funded studio equipment and helped pave the way for one of the first on-line royalty free music libraries

Now back in the studio after a long break writing brand new music exclusively for Melodicloud. Bob's new material still leans heavily towards the dance music scene but a little less manic than the older stuff.

Music by Bob Richardson

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145 03:31

Get ready to march in to battle with this Epic Cinematic Drum and Bass styled track. An incredibly powerful soundtrack starting of with a deep orchestral string bass, percussion hits and marching cello’s. With futuristic Dubstep drops and sound effects building up with orchestral brass swells then dropping into a head nodding breakbeat. Orchestral royalty free production music for film and trailers.

155 04:36

A fast paced Latin Drum and Bass tune with a spy/undercover agent feel. Starting with Latin style Piano and Cha-Cha rhythm this track soon picks up pace dropping in to a rolling bass line and breakbeat backed by cheeky acid riffs. The chase is on!

172 03:23

This rolling Drum and Bass tune starts off with cool summer vibes with a happy and optimistic feeling. Things soon turn dark with fast tight beats and throbbing Junglist bass lines and the odd eerie horror sound effect. Royalty free drum and bass taking you on an unusual ‘light meets dark’ journey.

127 03:05

A banger of a Deep House track kicking off with a child like tune backed with lush pads and female vocal ‘yeah’. This track builds up then unexpectedly drops hard in to a grinding bassline with some Dubstep touches and sound effects. One for the dance floors and nightclubs.

135 03:51

A tick tock swinging rhythm and orchestral feel drops into the funky drummer breakbeat. A dreamy tune and relaxing chords alongside a gritty bass line and funky beats make this track flow. (Reminiscent of Gymnopedie by Satie)

155 03:54

This Drum and bass track works around a 6/8 time signiture with a Jean Micheal Jarre style bass line and a swinging live kit beat with ride cymbal breaking in to atmospheric pads. A distant sounding top line swamped in lush reverb and delays accompanied by glistening bell riffs sets the tone for this retro sounding track.

130 03:00

A 90’s Garage style track with glitched vocals, reverse effects, deep House bass line and stomping ‘four to the floor’ House beats.

164 03:24

“Going out to all the Junglist massive” A rolling Drum and Bass tune with traditional Junglist Drum’n’Bass style bass lines, a touch of Dub and busy clattering breakbeats. Badman takes you back to the 90’s underground drum and bass scene.

138 04:12

A cool 1960s vibe with a live band feel, this jazzy track rolls along with walking jazz bass and funky beats.

165 03:19

The Robots are coming! This Industrial sounding Drum and Bass track drives hard with smashing beats and dark, deep bass lines. A very moody technology style track with scary overtones of uncertainty.

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