Bob Richardson

Bob Richardson

Bob Richardson is an electronic music composer and producer of Dance music based production tracks with many placements in film and TV over the years.

Bob started playing Piano by ear from the age of 5 learning from his father who was keyboard player in a 60's band. Growing up around Hammond organs, pianos and playing bugle/side drum in a marching band Bob picked up some valuable experience and musical influences he still uses today. With an EPS16+ sampler and sequencer Bob wrote numerous electronic dance music styles including Drum 'n' Bass and House tracks on Vinyl/CD through the 90's. Bob worked under many pseudonyms on different projects and produced tracks for acts and DJ's of the time. Bob was awarded a Princes Trust grant which funded studio equipment and helped pave the way for one of the first on-line royalty free music libraries

Now back in the studio after a long break writing brand new music exclusively for Melodicloud. Bob's new material still leans heavily towards the dance music scene but a little less manic than the older stuff.

Music by Bob Richardson

Get Your Body
Let It Go
Musica Futuro