Benjamin Sturley

Benjamin Sturley

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I'm Benjamin Sturley, a Los Angeles-based composer, producer, and session musician. I've scored over 30 films, countless TV shows and other media. I've produced, arranged, and am bandleader for artists such as Selena Gomez, Noah Cyrus, Liz Phair, Rachel Platten, and many more. I've written music for Google, National Geographic, The LA Times, Nissan, AAA, and many others. My career has taken me to over 60 countries in the last decade, I'm an avid reader, and I thoroughly enjoy crossword puzzles.

Music by Benjamin Sturley

Per Page:
113 01:56

This synth-forward modern electronic track has an upbeat and dark energy. Perfect for film, TV, montage, ads, and all media.

99 01:17

This modern pop track is catchy as hell. Great instruments, flow, vibe, perfect for all media applications.

134 01:48

This fun and upbeat acoustic track features a singable piano melody, ukulele, and a great beat. Perfect for corporate, ads, explainer videos, childrens, and all other media.

166 01:10

This pleasant and pure orchestral track is part americana, part classical waltz. Organic, authentic, pure, and singable melodies. Perfect for documentaries, intro themes, TV, film, and all media.

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