Hi everyone!

I am a composer, producer and studied musician based in southern Germany.

My true passion is the guitar. That’s why I love creating high quality acoustic tracks and rock music aswell as Pop, happy uplifting tracks and other styles.

New music is created every week.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Music by AF_Sounds

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116 02:14

“Discover new places” is a gentle and warm-hearted acoustic music track with an easy-going uplifting mood. The track resolves in an epic trailer cue. Features picked and strummed acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass, strings, pianos, bells, bass drum, tom rolls and shakers.

118 02:20

Gentle and bright acoustic track with picked guitars evolves into an atmospheric, deep and heart-warming track. Features bright acoustic guitars, atmospheric electrics, human voices, piano, pads, strings and percussions.

108 01:50

A playful music track in an easygoing feelgood mood with ukuleles, guitars, bells, drums and percussion.

88 02:39

A gentle, heartwarming acoustic music track with a feel-good mood that resolves in a trailer-like cue. Features bright acoustic guitars, uplifting male “who-ho” vocals, strings, bass, percussions and catchy drums.

78 02:33

Gentle and warmhearted acoustic music track with an easy-going, feel-good mood. Features acoustic guitars, banjo, a stompy bass drum and supporting piano and bells.

169 02:02

Energetic and uplifting indie rock music track with motivational “wo oho” vocal shouts for powerful action cues.

212 02:59

Energetic and uplifting indie rock for power, action and motivation.

160 01:55

Powerful and energetic rock track with driving electric guitars, heavy drums, synths and bass for powerful action cues.

90 02:18

An energetic and driving electric guitar riff. The heavy drums, driving low bass, synths and “hey” shouts are ideal for powerful action cues.

100 02:10

Rock me to extreme is a heavy and energetic music track. Features electric guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, percussion, bass and sound effects ideal for powerful action cues.

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