Adrian Earnshaw

Adrian Earnshaw

Hailing from a seaside town near Blackpool in the north west of England, Adrian has inspiration on his doorstep. At the age of 11 he received his first electronic keyboard, it was a Casio with only 6 different sounds and drum backing tracks. That coupled with listening to Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream set him off on a musical journey that Adrian continues to enjoy.

What inspired him to actually take up music was listening to the organ in his local church. Even at the age of 11 Adrian knew that is what he wanted to do one day. For the last 24 years he has been the organist at that same church, proof that you can achieve your dreams. He is also the Music Director and has a small choir of 18 members, which he runs with the Choir Director.

Although classically trained, his heart and passion has always been for electronic music and those deep evolving soundscapes. How does his music differ from everyone else? Adrian's compositions are free flowing with catchy melodies. Each one its own adventure into the cosmos and beyond.

Music by Adrian Earnshaw

Hybrid Pillager


Cosmic Dawn