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Whether you need background music for a personal video or an epic soundtrack for a movie, we’ve covered all the popular production music categories in our carefully curated library. Browse by genre, mood, and instrument and find the right piece of music for your next project.

License Your Music for Use in Media Worldwide

Find placement in film, television and multimedia productions worldwide when you join us as an artist.

Are you an independent, unpublished artist with new and exciting music? If so, join Melodicloud today and make money licensing your music via our brand new online music library. Our artist licensing agreement is easy to understand, fair and non-exclusive so you are not tied down to us.

We believe that your music belongs to you and we aim to get you placement in media projects all over the world. From YouTube videos to TV advertising and film productions, your music could be the next big TV theme tune, film soundtrack or big brand advert.

Simple Music Licensing For Film, TV and Multimedia

Our simple licensing covers many types of media use including film and television advertising worldwide.


Use our music in non-profit or personal projects including:

YouTube Videos

Student Films & Festivals

Educational Use


Use our music in business or multimedia projects including:

Apps, Games & Software

Videos & Presentations

Trade Shows & Live Events


Use our music in broadcast or mass media projects including:

Film & Theatre

TV & Radio