Production Music for Film, TV & Video

Melodicloud provides production music for all media. Whether you need an epic soundtrack for film, TV documentary or video game, or music for YouTube videos, social media and advertising, our curated music library is regularly updated with original music written and produced by professional composers from around the world.

We believe quality music should be available to all creators including filmmakers, YouTubers, game developers and advertising agencies. Discover the perfect soundtrack with music licensing tailored to suit your production. From epic trailer music for a film to background music for a TikTok video, we’ve got it covered.

Simple Music Licensing

Our music licensing covers all types of media projects including film production, television and radio advertising, online video and social media campaigns. Download our music for a single license fee that covers usage for the lifetime of your production. No subscription, no renewal, just amazing music when you need it.


Use our music in non-profit and personal projects including:

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

Student Films & Festivals




Use our music in business or multimedia projects including:

Apps, Games & Software

Videos & Presentations

Trade Shows & Live Events



Use our music in broadcast or mass media projects including:

Film & Theatre

TV & Radio

Streaming & Subscription


High-Quality Background Music

Need some inspiration? Listen to our playlists and discover background music for all types of media production. Check out our collections of Jazz, Rock, Orchestral and Dance music or our hand-picked playlists for filmmakers, funny videos, game music, advertising and sports.

Professional Independent Composers

However you use music, your project is important to us. We only accept the best music from our composers who are carefully selected for their unique music and production skills. We listen to every track to make sure it is the highest audio quality and suitable for all media. Professional music by award winning composers who have had many placements in well-known games, films and television.